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Russian energy market presence

Russian energy market presence in the EU will decline

Over the next two decades Russia’s presence on the European energy market will decline, according to the forecast of the Russian Center for Strategic Development. The institution was established in 1999 at the insistence of today’s President Vladimir Putin. The experts have developed a strategy for Russian energy market presence between 2017 and 2024. It states that Russia and the EU in the long run will remain important trade and economic partners.

There are many reasons, and first of all, the fact that Russia is an integral part of European civilization. At the same time, however, there are a number of disagreements at the political level between the two countries and the crisis in Ukraine, for example, froze cooperation for years to come.

Just the politicization of EU-Russia energy cooperation will be at the core of the reduction of the Russian share of the European energy market. Currently, the EU countries are looking for alternative sources of supply and are developing innovations that generally restrict the import of energy sources into the community.

The Council of Experts is Russia to present its long-term vision of its relations with the EU.

“It is expedient to use the traditionally good bilateral relations with EU countries and to smoothly overcome the complex relations with the Russia-related partners”, the report said.

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