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Dmitry Medvedev

Russia will not lift taxes in 2017

Russia will not lift taxes in 2017, assured the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. He recalled that the decision on the stability of the tax system was taken several years ago. In addition, the government continues to implement presidential decrees on raising workers’ wages in education, culture and medicine.

“The economic situation in recent years has affected people’s income negatively, the wages in the country are not high, we are making efforts to improve this situation, we are looking for additional resources to help people who earn a little”, said Medvedev in front of the Russian government.

He urged MEPs and regions to participate more actively in the wage bill of workers in these areas. The investments in human resources, infrastructure and defense are the main principles of budgeting.

“In our opinion, we need to be guided by three principles in the formation of the budget. Money should go first to invest in human resources, second for the implementation of infrastructure projects and third to ensure national security. The exports of Russian weapons at the end of 2016 rose by 15 billion USD compared to previous year.

“We are second on the global arms market. The new contracts total of 9.5 million USD and orders at the end of 2016 for nearly 50 billion USD”, said the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev. “Our economy is developing, although we were predicting disasters from different locations, including beyond the ocean”, added he.

“We have realized in a new way the possibilities in our country and the fact that we have to rely on ourselves and the sanctions continued to put pressure on us and the oil was still cheaper, but we learned to use The situation when we entered a competitive battle for leadership in the domestic and foreign markets”, added he.

The Russian Prime Minister also underlined that no challenges no longer frighten anyone in the country, but vice versa – they are incentives for development.

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