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Puma sentenced for imitation of Chinese company’s logo

The giant in sportswear manufacturing Puma was sentenced to pay a fine of 421,000 USD (2.9 million CNY) to Shanghai-based company Hengshanyan for imitation of the Chinese company’s logo – a stylized goat head. Hengshanyan Wave Producer is a 90-year-old brand and has registered the logo that resembles an ancient Chinese hieroglyph in March 2014.

In 2015, Puma uses the same sign with different proportions on shoes and hooded blouses specifically made for the goat’s year.

Puma has insisted that this hieroglyph can be used by anyone. However, according to the court, there is an imitation of the Hengyuanxiang logo specifically in this series of products, which may mislead consumers.

The survey found that Puma had earned nearly 6 million CNY of the goat series and now half of that amount will go for the fine.

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