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Global retail sales of bio products and beverages exceeded 81 billion USD

The global retail sales of bio products and beverages exceeded 81 billion USD in 2015, which is nearly four times more than 2000 (18 billion USD). More than 90% of sales are formed in North America and Europe. The demand is growing steadily in Asian countries, Latin America and Africa, but for the time being the production is export-oriented in these regions.

Today, 1% of agricultural land is used for the production of organic products – nearly 50.9 million ha. The largest areas for bio-production are in Australia (22.7 million ha), Argentina (3.1 million ha) and the USA (2 million ha), according to the data from the Research Institute for Agriculture FiBL and IFOAM.

Even in rich European countries and North America, demand is not constant. For example, 89% of the French citizens buy clean products, but only 37% make it constant.

Bio products are more expensive and consumers have a different motivation to buy them. First of all, health care is mentioned by 63% of the French. German consumers are concerned about the environment, as natural products pollute less the environment. Danes are interested in the condition of animals and US consumers are mostly from the absence of GMOs in food and beverages.

In Russia, the bioproduct market is currently small – around 120 million EUR, according to FiBL and IFOAM. But the value per capita is only 0.8 EUR. However, there is a tendency for growth, with 385,000 hectares being used in the country for bio-production in 2015. The market developments are currently hampered by the absence of centralized organic certification mechanisms.

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