France has to draw up a timetable for reducing dependence on nuclear power plants

France nuclear power plant

France should set a timetable to meet its intentions to cut down to 50% of the electricity produced by nuclear power plants by 2025, according to the French Minister of Ecology and Solidarity Transition, Nicolas Hulot.

A law passed in 2015 requires the country to reduce its electricity generated by nuclear reactors by up to 50% in eight years. Now this share amounts to 75%. In addition, the law provides for the introduction of more capacity for renewable electricity production in France – wind and solar.

His comments drew questions from observers on how nuclear-dependent France, a net power exporter in Europe, could possibly shut down 17 reactors and continue to guarantee adequate power supply.

“We have to define realistic and possible scenarios, otherwise it will be brutal”, Hulot said. “I want to engage in planned course of action, especially on a social and economic level. Nuclear power plants cannot be closed without taking into account the reality of jobs. We must model scenarios and build a roadmap”, added he.

On Monday, a radio reporter said that if France had to meet its energy targets, it would have to close up to 17 of its 58 nuclear reactors run by the state-owned Electricite de France (EDF).

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