Eurozone needs common budget to increase investment

Eurozone cash

The Eurozone needs common budget to increase investment and Germany should be prepared to do more in Europe, potentially by increasing its financial contribution to the bloc, according to Martin Schulz, who is the candidate of the German Social Democrats for Chancellor of Germany in the September elections.

“Germany is a great country, but Germany can do more”, released Martin Schulz in a document including his plan for modern Germany and a better Europe at ten points.

Schulz, who is a former President of the European Parliament, said that countries outside the Eurozone should not be able to veto the further integration of the single European currency union, and those who disregard solidarity on important issues should be fined.

Martin Schulz hopes to defeat German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the September 24th election, but the center-left German Social Democratic Party (SDP), which is part of the ruling coalition, has begun to lag behind in public opinion polls after gaining momentum.

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