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Amazon prepares its chat application Anyime

The biggest online retailer Amazon is preparing to seriously step into another business. The US company prepares its chat application Anyime, which will focus on group communication. The application will have all the standard features already – such as encryption, video and audio chat, as well as stickers.

The difference with the competitors like Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, iMessage, Viber and others is the strong focus on bulk messages. The application, which will be named Anytime, will not be phone-dependent, like many others, but will work with usernames like Twitter. So, in order to add a new member to a conversation, you just need to mention it with the @ sign in front of his name.

Amazon’s chat application Anyime will also support sharing your location, listening to music for all in chat, ordering food, and sharing your account. Amazon says it will also support business chat, a feature that works on both Facebook and Apple.

It can be included in Amazon’s next virtual assistant.

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